Summer Sport Camps - Stay Tuned for the 2024 Camps


Color Guard Camp

  • One Week Camp         June 20-23         9:00am-12:30pm       

Theater Camp

  • One Week Camp         June 20-23         9:00am-3:00pm        *No camp on weekend dates
  • Two Weeks Camp        June 26-July 7     9:00am-3:00pm        *No camp on weekend dates.  No camp JULY 4

Girls' Camps (listed by date)

  • Volleyball           June 26-30          9:00am-12:00pm      
  • Basketball           July 31-Aug 4       9:00am-12:00pm
  • Lacrosse             June 26-30          8:00am-11:30am      *M-TH Only
  • Tennis               June 26-30          9:00am-12:00am      *Camp is combined with Boy's Tennis
  • Speed/Agility        July 17-21          4:00pm-7:00pm       *Camp is combined with Boy's Speed/Agility
  • Softball             June 26-30          8:30am-11:00am      
  • Soccer               July 10-14          8:00am-11:00am      *Camp is combined with Boy's Soccer
  • Cheerleading         July 31-Aug 4       8:00am-11:00am

Boys' Camps (listed by date)

  • Basketball           June 26-30           9:00am-12:00pm       *Main gym
  • Tennis               June 26-30           9:00am-12:00pm       *Camp is combined with Girl's Tennis
  • Baseball             July 3-7             8:00am-11:00am       *No camp on JULY 4
  • Speed/Agility        July 17-21           4:00pm-7:00pm        *Camp is combined with Girl's Speed/Agility
  • Lacrosse             July 17-21           8:00am-11:00am
  • Soccer               July 10-14           8:00am-11:00am       *Camp is combined with Girl's Soccer
  • Football             July 31-Aug 4        8:00am-11:00am



The Glenelg Booster’s Club reserves the right to:

  • Cancel a Program for any reasonable cause (enrollment, location, etc.)
  • Suspend a child from a program with no refund, after notifying a parent of disciplinary problems.

Boosters Camp Refund Policy

  • Refunds will be issued if a camp cannot be held due to low enrollment numbers.

Sports Camp Contact: Annie Chen, Camp Coordinator: